The “McDonald’s-ization” of Education

McDonald’s is astoundingly fruitful at providing modest cheap food of reliably high caliber. They have accomplished this principally through institutionalization and quality control. In the event that you buy an “Egg McMuffin,” or a “Major Mac” at an outlet in Seattle, or Milwaukee, Chicago or Miami, it will be actually the equivalent.
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Institutionalization is progressively making in-streets into instruction. When the domain of decent variety (of sentiment, thought, approach, showing procedure, homeroom styles, and so forth.) and autonomy (scholarly opportunity), the advanced education study hall is being changed into an “item” type conveyance framework. The “items” for this situation are the ideas, exercise plans, bunch works out, assignments, and so on – in fact, the training itself.

The expectation of this change is to give a “standard” top notch understudy study hall experience inside orders, and crosswise over foundations. With the understudy being the client (shopper) of the instructive conveyance framework, we need to ensure the person in question is getting the most noteworthy conceivable quality item, and the way to this is “quality control” and institutionalization.

Rather than the afterward quality control offered through teacher “assessments,” ” homeroom perceptions,” and such, the methodology presents an unmistakably progressively nosy and order model. Exercise Plans, to be sure, whole courses and educational programs are stacked into pre-bundled modules, on thumb drives (USB) or onto PCs, or servers.

As in the inexpensive food business, fabricating, or other item creating areas, the item creation and conveyance procedure is created to pick up the proficiency and adequacy got in industry.

Much the same as McDONALD’s

Much the same as McDonald’s the place the client can hope to appreciate a standard, top notch item, served in a spotless, well-structured condition, the understudy shopper can anticipate advantageous conveyance of the instructive item, for his utilization, and pleasure – “fulfillment ensured.”


Initial, an item group is collected. For this situation it comprises of scholarly specialists, educational program creators, course journalists, innovation specialists, item delegates, coaches, content pros, and so on. The item improvement procedure depends on result goals, i.e., “what do we need the understudy to know?,” “what should he get the hang of during this course?” and “how would we measure that?” This “starting toward the end” reasoning is pivotal. It keeps the focus on the item, advances quality, and at last, “consumer loyalty.”


Gen Y understudies have various desires from their ancestors, and are more averse to enjoy out of date or dated instructional strategies and methods. They request to be locked in.

Educators are incompletely chosen on their capacity to “engage” just as “advise.” They are required to be enlivened, amusing, connecting with, and engaging. They are relied upon to pass on information in advantageous, charming, and fulfilling, nibbles.


The more institutionalized the procedure turns into, the less scope for the instructor, the more endorsed the substance, activities and learning exercises are, the more the business directors of the profession and “revenue driven” universities like it. This idea may, be that as it may, advantage the understudy as it focuses on a quality, institutionalized, study hall experience.


When the teacher has aced the innovation, the entire instructional procedure is simpler under this model. Everything is pre-bundled. No untidy advancement of exercise plans – they’re as of now done – and progressed admirably. No contemplating inventive learning exercises and methodologies – they’re now there. You could nearly do it in your rest! (if not for the necessity to be enlivened and engaging.)

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